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Frantix (v1.1, 28th June 2006)
Guide to all 185 levels of Frantix. For each level, I provide a short description, some tactics (useful if you just want a nudge in the right direction), and a step-by-step solution, both for a basic solve, and to get the Gold Gem. For some levels, I note any tricks that can be used for really fast times.

This file is also available on the GameFAQs computer games site website.

Comments about the walkthrough, corrections to it, or suggestions for improvement are welcome; critical comments are fine, but please keep them polite and, if possible, of a constructive nature (i.e. please include why you didn't like something).

÷Frantix.txt (771k) ÎZipped (194k)
Plain text format, 79 characters a line, no page breaks.

Last updated 28th June 2006  
Copyright 2002-2006 Graham Holden